Services and Cost Estimates

Services and Cost Estimates

Social Media Community Management:
Monthly Fee — $5,000 per month x 12                                  Total = $60,000

Farmers Communication Exchange will provide all social media community management activities for a monthly fee of $5,000.  This includes all activities necessary to implement an effective social media program, including but not limited to the following:  coordinate with CA Grown team on desired content; develop and maintain content calendar; daily posting to all CA Grown channels; monitor and engage with followers; create accompanying graphic images; develop and manage promotional campaigns; coordinate with CA Grown partners; develop and manage promotional program/spending; implement campaigns; collect analytics and provide reporting.

Blog Writing
Farmers Communication Exchange Fees — $30,000
Guest Bloggers — $20,000                                                            Total = 50,000

Farmers Communication Exchange will oversee the CA Grown blog. Services include fees for our staff to development and write 26 blog entries designed to tell authentic farmer stories; coordinate with CA Grown members to select grower stories; secure and manage 26 guest blogs; post blogs with accompanying graphics; write and disseminate newsletters with blog content to CA Grown target audiences.

Retainer for Additional Services
Monthly Retainer — $1,000                                                       Total = $12,000

Farmers Communication Exchange will provide communications services as needed through a monthly retainer of $1,000. This fee makes available to CA Grown all service offered by our company without an additional project fee. These services are also available on a per project basis as needed.

Total Cost for Services

Social Media Promotion

Farmers Communication Exchange is recommending a social media promotional spend of $25,000 which includes advertising, boosting and extending reach of the social media posts. This budget includes contests and giveaways that may be incorporated into your marketing plan to gain followers. (Note – We are not sure of the current spend for social media. This may already be accounted for under other components of your program and may not be necessary. However, we feel strongly that if this is not currently part of your budget, that California Grown consider a spend of at least this amount to extend the reach of your social media outreach program.)