The content of this website ( was developed especially for this proposal. It provides information about Farmers Communication Exchange, examples of our work and details about how we would approach this position with California Grown. Below is the proposal summary with cost estimates. We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions or discuss the proposal further with the CA Grown staff and/or Board.

Proposal Summary

Farmers Communication Exchange is a firm uniquely positioned to bring together California farmers and consumers. We’re connected, experienced, strategic and engaged with all CA Grown stakeholder audiences.

We know California agriculture well and are part of the farming community throughout the state with close ties to many California Grown members. We’re also an experienced communications and social media firm well-versed in sharing content about food and farming with consumers through social media channels.

We’re recommending that California Grown continue its outstanding work in sharing recipes with consumers through influencers. We look forward to engaging with your existing staff and creative agencies to bring this information to more consumers.  We’re also proposing additional content to share the authentic stories of California farmers and their work in producing food using the safest, most environmentally-friendly and socially responsible methods in the world.

Farmers Communication Exchange is also proposing California Grown share its content and strategic messaging with a wider audience to more deeply engage stakeholders including: the CA Grown Board and membership, the California agriculture industry at large; retailers and restaurants; regulators; legislators and media.

Our firm provides a host of communications and marketing services that we will make available to the CA Grown team as an extension of your staff. As part of our existing client base, we’re very experienced in working with the CDFA Specialty Crop Block Grant program. Farmers Communication Exchange is more than an agency, we hope to be a member of your team.

Staff Assignments

Marilyn Freeman. As the owner of Farmers Communication Exchange, Marilyn will serve as the account supervisor to California Grown if our firm is selected.  She will oversee the Farmers Communication Exchange staff and ensure top-notch services are always provided. Marilyn is extremely proud to have served on the original Board of California Grown and she is thrilled at the prospect of working again with this incredibly successful program.

Joy Rust. As Creative Director, Joy will be working to develop creative content to share the stories of California Grown with a consumer audience through social media and blog content. Not only is she looking forward to using high-quality content from California Grown’s influencers and creative team, but she is thrilled to be able to assist whenever necessary on recipe development, graphic design, photography/videography and retail promotional support.

Mackenzie Bressler. Mackenzie will be lending her talents as our Digital Media Manager to create and share e-newsletters; develop and implement social media promotions and campaigns; analyze data and assist with social media content and posting. She will also be overseeing social media reporting and will work to ensure the CA Grown Board and membership understand the benefits of participating with CA Grown’s robust social media and influencer program.

Abby Peltzer. As our Social Media Coordinator, Abby will lead the social media posting efforts for California Grown and will lend her considerable writing skills to the CA Grown blog. Abby currently provides these same services to our clients, the California Cantaloupe Advisory Board, California Pear Advisory Board;; BeeWhere and others. Abby is an excellent writer in both digital and print formats.

Sharlene Garcia. Farmers Communication Exchange is pleased to have Sharlene’s extensive skills and her experience as an account director for a large public relations and marketing firm to assist California Grown to engage target audiences. Beginning with your Board of Directors, she will be charged with helping to select the best stories we want to share with consumers about farms across the state. Sharlene will also be responsible for providing reports to the Board, ensuring they are updated and informed and can assist with other communications projects as needed.

Our Team of Vendors/Suppliers. In addition to our talented staff, Farmers Communication Exchange has at its disposal other suppliers who can provide a variety of services from video and photography; recipe creation; graphic and web design and much more.