Farmers Communication Exchange offers our clients the perfect combination of experience and fresh ideas. We understand the challenges faced by farmers and at the same time, our young and talented staff are part of today’s generation of consumers who have a desire to connect with their food. All of this wisdom, energy and passion is focused on meeting our clients’ objectives and is something you won’t find with just any PR firm.

Farmers Communication Exchange specializes in working with California commodity groups and associations providing promotion, issues management and marketing services. Our experience and services are vast and include all of the following:

Strategic Messaging
Crisis/Issues Management
Social Media Outreach and Management
Graphic Design
Website Development

Media Relations
Annual Reports
Event Materials
Blog Writing
Trade Advertising/Outreach
Grant Writing/Management

Our Proposal: Experience Equals Success

Farmers Communication Exchange is ideally suited to serve as the Social-Digital Media Community Manager for California Grown because of our vast experience in connecting consumers and farmers. We encourage you to use the links below to see three case studies of our work. Other examples are available on our website.

As a full-service agency, we offer a wide range of services as part of the monthly retainer included in our proposal. We expect that throughout the course of the coming year, new and emerging projects will likely be added to the California Grown program. The culture of our firm is that we pitch in to help as if we’re part of our clients’ staff. Our goal is always to make our clients’ jobs easier, to help them perform more efficiently and to make them and their associations look better. 

Additionally, we want to emphasize that we have experience in working with the CDFA Specialty Crop Block Grant program and are extremely familiar with the requirements for invoicing and contracted work. We believe our firm can assist with a host of projects and we’re confident we can help you implement your program needs in multiple areas.  

Case Studies:

For the purposes of this proposal, we provide three specific case studies.

Strategic Messaging/Issues Management: California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement

Social Media Content and Management:  California Pear Advisory Board/California Cantaloupe Advisory Board

Specialty Crop Block Grant Project: California State Beekeepers Association