Every staff member at Farmers Communication Exchange is passionate about California agriculture. We’re connected to farming throughout the state and now devote our careers to this community. Over the years, we’ve built close working relationships with farmers, industry leaders, commodity boards and agricultural associations throughout the state. 

We are able to connect consumers to California agriculture better than any other agency. We plan to bring this to our work at California Grown. 

Our Proposal: Connections Matter

California Grown does a phenomenal job of encouraging consumers to use products from California through beautiful imagery and recipes. The influencer, digital advertising and social media programs deliver every day to consumers a host of ideas for how to use California-grown food, flowers and plants with emphasis on featuring small, local growers. 

Farmers Communication Exchange hopes to continue this work and we’re excited to share the stories of California Grown with consumers. Our firm is experienced in communicating with consumers and using enticing recipes to increase product usage.

We also believe it’s critically important that consumers learn more about the California grown products that are sold in grocery stores and restaurants where they buy food every day. Our firm already shares these kinds of stories with consumers for our other clients. We want people to know more about the hundreds of farmers who grow food in California for companies like Safeway, WalMart, Chipotle and McDonald’s in addition to encouraging people to make direct connections at farmers markets and boutique farms. These stories will help balance and complete the food production picture, while better representing the grower-members of California Grown.

California farmers work every day under the country’s most stringent regulatory system to bring sustainable, safe and  socially responsible food to people across the world. These stories should become an even bigger part of the campaign’s messaging. We believe strongly that our connections to mainstream California agriculture will assist California Grown in expanding its storytelling and enhance consumers’ understanding of how their food is grown. It will also drive home the importance of choosing food grown in California no matter where or how people are shopping. 

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