Blog Writing

Below we have provided samples of blogs we are currently write for our clients.

California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement
Marilyn Freeman has written the vast majority of blog entries for the LGMA since 2007. Despite the by-line, which is always attributed to an LGMA staff or Board member, Marilyn is the ghostwriter for nearly all of the LGMA’s blogs. The LGMA’s blog serves as the organization’s primary communications vehicle. It’s used to provide detailed information about activities of the LGMA and to deliver the industry’s position on various topics to stakeholders including produce buyers, regulators, media and the leafy greens industry itself. (Note: The video included in Water Requirements blog was developed by our team.)

LGMA Audit Data Released on New Water Requirements

Traceability Systems are in Place on LGMA Member Farms

Tim York Selected as New CEO of California LGMA

California Pear Advisory Board
The blog created for California Pears exists primarily to communicate with consumer and retail trade audiences about usage ideas and recipes as well as to highlight farming families. The blogs are written by Farmers Communication Exchange staff members and are shared as part of the social media outreach program. The three blogs below were posted this past year to highlight new recipes and were the most visited pages on the California Pear Advisory Board’s website during the 2020 pear season. (Note: The baby food and latte recipes and videos were developed and produced by Farmers Communication Exchange staff.)

Sharing Traditions and Recipes at Stillwater Orchards 

Homemade California Pear Baby Food

Move Over Pumpkin, There’s a New Spiced Latte in Town

California Cantaloupe Advisory Board
The “Sweet Stuff” blog created for the California Cantaloupe Advisory Board is a great combination of topics from food safety and farmer stories to recipes, handling information and consumer contests. All blogs are written by the Farmers Communication Exchange staff. They are shared on social media and each is distributed via email to four separate newsletter mailing lists targeting various stakeholder audiences.   (Note: The video included in Thank a Cantaloupe Farmworker blog was developed by our team.)

Thank a California Cantaloupe Farmworker

Get Creative with New California Cantaloupe

Season Kick-Off for California Cantaloupe and Giveaways